Animated Video Production Review

In this era of technology, animated video production has taken over all the industries and is giving a new meaning to marketing and business. If you are not aware of animation yet, then you can just say that it is a form of storytelling that appeals to vision in a way live action movies cannot. Animation provides vibrant colors, unique characters and stylistic art in order to tell a story.

Although all you see is a colorful and vibrant video on screen, the truth is that the video goes through a number of processes including scripting, story boarding, voice over, graphics, animation and sound effects. After all these processes the video reaches the screen and always bring joy and happiness to the viewers.

Animation for business purposes:

It is no secret that animated business videos are becoming the most popular and effective tools for internet marketing. We are already being surrounded by the latest trends and tricks in the animation world and if these trends are used in animated business videos, then these videos go viral in just a matter of time and the world gets to know about the business. Although there are a number of marketing strategies but none are as effective as the videos. Whether you want your customers and clients to know about the story of your product or the effectiveness of a service, nothing beats the persuasiveness of an animated video. It has the power to take your message and convince your audience to take action for it. Animated videos are considered to be the rich medium for marketing that is easy, cost-effective, engaging and quite easy to manage. It would make your key points pop and deliver your message across quite clearly.

Best animation companies in USA:

With so many animation companies dominating the industry nowadays, it is very hard to name the very best among them. There are many studios in America who have been fascinating and captivating our interest for many years. They have been delivering us fascinating stories about unique characters and other parallel worlds. If you are a newbie artist and want inspirations for your new characters, then here are a few animation companies that you can get inspirations from:

  1. Pixar:

pixar logoThe world has not known a better animation studio than Pixar. With its break-through in the film industry with their debut ‘Toy Story’ they have developed themselves in producing the most record-breaking movies of the century. Unlike other animation studios, they take their audiences seriously and make the characters with whom you can easily relate to. The movies they produce appeal to people of all ages and tastes and this approach has made the company quite successful. They put their best effort in making the animation movies and delivering the stories across. What makes them different is that they take the criticism seriously and work hard to improve their characters and story lines.

  1. Walt Disney Animation Studios:


This studio has been bringing joy to its viewers since 1937 with the release of its debut ‘Snow White and the seven Dwarfs’. This is the company that begins the new era of transformation in the animation world. They have created some of the best films with the most amazing plots and breathtaking animation. They have produced classics that are loved by everyone and have been a part of childhood for everyone. This production house in America has been an umbrella of imagination and adventure that has been developing its characters since around a hundred years and hopefully allows us to cherish their stories for many more years to come.

  1. DreamWorks Animation:


With its headquarters in California, this makes the third best animation studios in America and the entire world. With its formation in 1994, this animation company has bringing us joy for many years. With its famous movies like How to Train your Dragon, Shrek and Madagascar, it has won a number of trophies and awards to show off its hard work and dedication towards the world of visualization and animation.


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