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Nowadays, all that grabs the interest of the viewers is animation and creative visualization. People who are interested in this specialty go to the schools that offer courses in animation. However, if you don’t have the means and budget to attend an animation school, you can opt for best animation courses online instead and start from there. You can take it up as a hobby and then make a career out of it. To get better understanding of this technology and to learn the skills, here are a few courses that you can sign up for. The best part is that these courses are free of cost and help you break through the wide world of imagination and creativity.Animation 3d Cartoon

This is the website dedicated to help all the newbie animation artists at a program called Maya. In these courses, you would get videos to help you clear the concepts and also get projects to practice on. If there is a concept that you are not able to grasp, you can re-watch the video and play it again and again until you get a clear understanding of the technique or tool. You would get to learn a variety of tools and techniques in this course including animation tips and tricks in Maya, Guide to animation in Softimage along with detailing and aging props in Mudbox. Through this, you would learn how to change and alter the appearance of a character and computer generated objects.

Animation GifThis website is also widely known for its free tutorials that are specifically for animation, modeling, rigging, sculpting, texturing, digital painting and lighting. Hence, you can say that this website provides you an all-in-one course for animation. This course only has one drawback which is that there are no audio explanations in the videos and hence you would have to pay keen attention to the movements and try to copy them in the same manner. In this course, you would also be able to learn to apply different textures and setting their motion range.


  • LearnersTV:

One of the best mediums for animation free courses includes LearnersTV. Through this website, you can’t take advantage of the recorded video lectures and the lecture is made easier by using PowerPoint slides to make you understand and grasp a concept. The lessons are a part of program which was developed by Indian institute of Technology. There are various courses that help you understand the concept of clipping, curves and rendering. Students are taught to prevent the CGI objects from penetrating each other. Rendering is usually done after the project is completed and testing for compatibility is done. This website provides the best online course on rendering so you can play your character across various mediums.

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