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3D printing has become the hottest trend in the market over the past few years. However, 3D printing is not an easy task and one has to master the techniques of printing designs before actually starting on the process. There have always been heated discussions about which 3D modeling software are the best. People have different arguments and opinions about the most reliable and easy modeling software. Although the professional software is quite expensive, there are many good software available in the market that won’t cost you a dime. Following are a few options you can choose from:

  1. Blender:

Blender Software Render Modeling

Among all of the 3D software, Blender is probably the most popular and widely-known. It’s easy and detailed featured makes it one of the best options among professional users. All the features you look for in paid software, you can get in Blender for free. It has an impressive backlog of improvements, patches and features. A number of active communities of artists, teachers and self-teaching people find it the best option for designing. If you are a novice user, then you can find a number of videos and tutorials on YouTube to help you refine your techniques. What makes this software stand out from others is its freedom to design things any way you want.

Blender Software Download

  1. 123D Design:

123d Design Software

Autodesk has provided the users for another free modeling option by the name of 123D Design. Although it is a little bit complex than Blender, it is still one of the top-rated software. It has an impressive library of pre-made models you can choose from and make changes and do additions on them. This software can seamlessly work with most of the printers available in the market these days.

123D Design Download

  1. TinkerCAD:

Tinkercad Software

This software is known for giving its users a full suite and library of designs and modeling tools to play with. In this software, like 123D Design, you can also choose the designs from pre-made library and put them to use to construct a cool and effective final product. Even the beginners who are not well-aware of the technology can use this software to learn more by doing a number of experiments. It makes 3D modeling as easy as it can get. Once you have learnt enough from this software, you can easily move to the ones that are more professional and sophisticated.

TinkerCAD Online Here

  1. SolidWorks:

Solidworks 3d ModelingSolidWorks is also one of the most popular options when it comes to 3D modeling software. It runs on Microsoft Windows and its huge collection of tools and exciting equipment makes it the perfect software for designers and engineers. This software is the best for engineering projects as it focuses on rapid creation of parts that can be easily assembled and recreated. The best thing about SolidWorks is that it gives wide applications in the fields of mechanical, civil and electrical engineering along with aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and industrial engineering. Although you won’t need excessive training in 3D printing to use this software but you would require a good knowledge of engineering to make something impressive.

  1. ZBrush:

Zbrush RenderZBrush is mainly used by people who are looking for software with great options for sculpting. By using this software, you can add even the minute details to your model and add the nuts and bolts easily. Due to the recent additions and developments in this software, it has become one of the best choices for designers and 3D artists & architects. They can use ZBrush to the same limits as they use the high-paid software.

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