Top 5 Graphic Design Software – You Must Know

Many people only have a vague idea of the term of graphic designing. People think that it has something to do with Photoshop and fixing images. However, the truth is that graphic designing that is usually known as communication designing is an art of practicing, planning and projecting ideas and experience with visual and textual effects.

Graphic Design Software

There are various things and elements that can be included in the term of graphic designing. These involve photos, illustrations, logos, symbols and many other things to give the final image a meaning and a message. Following are the basic elements of graphic designs:

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Curves
  • Colors
  • Types
  • Textures

Tools of graphic designing:

There are many professional graphic designers who are creative and they use different mediums to convey their images. Many people use sketches, computers and graphic design software to communicate a particular message and create an impressive visual. If you are a beginner and are not aware of the best design software, then we have provided a list of the best software to help you out.

Paint Image Graphics

Due to innovation in technology, the graphic software has also been innovated to artistic and introspective mediums. All the tools and techniques used have become digital and there are many techniques that the software use to set them apart from their rivals. It is thought that the ultimate graphic design has powerful rendering features and tools to get an achievable feat. These are the free software that you would find in the market to give your creativity a boost and help you get started:

  1. SVG Edit:

Svg Edit

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics which is probably the best software used to detail the shapes. The shapes formed are in XML and are viewed by SVG viewer. Through this software, you can easily produce vector designs in two dimensions. Moreover, what makes this software reliable is that it is supported by all the latest browsers and therefore, makes it a top choice.

Download SVG Edit

  1. Inkscape:

Inkscape Screen Shot

For those people, who don’t afford to get a vector graphics editor, Inscape serves as the best option. With a clear interphase, Inkscape has a variety of cool and exciting features that are user-friendly and are easy to use. Through this software, you can design complicated shapes with several layers and transparency. Convenient to use with Windows, Linus and Mac, it makes quite a good option for the beginners. Through this software and its color techniques, you can easily achieve extremely sophisticated artwork. If you love SVG format, then you would love this software. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or you are a novice and just want to create some images for fun purposes;it would give you the results you want. It has quite amazing filters and makes your artwork even more interesting and creative.

Download Inkscape

  1. Daz Studio:

Daz Studio Software

Next on our list is Daz studio that allows the users to create remarkable digital animations and illustrations. In this software, you can easily modify the 3D figures and pose them to look more interesting and exciting. Many creative designers use this software to create imaginary vehicles, cartoon characters, environmental pictures, animals and accessories. It is mostly used to create illustrations for magazines and books. You can create avatars and other cartoon models for the promotion of your business brands and much more.

  1. Sumo Paint:

Sumo Paint Software

This is one of the most impressive image editors in the industry these days. It provides you all the standard and essential tools you would need for graphic designing. However, the only drawback to using this editor is that you need to have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed which means that you would have to use this software on your computer or laptop only. Moreover, you can save your changes to the images and open it from where you left off. With all the standard tools, it is the best option for newbie graphic designers.


With an offering of a number of templates to start of your project, it is also a widely known graphic designing tool in market these days. You can choose the format of your choice and customize the themes, fonts, styles and many other details to your liking.

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